About Us Renunciation Of Indian Citizenship

As per the citizenship rules 2009 of Government of India, Indian nationals living abroad who intend to acquire foreign citizenship are required to renounce their Indian citizenship. Government of India does not permit dual nationality to Indian citizens. This requirement is necessary to process applications for OCI cards by persons of Indian origin who have acquired citizenship of another country.

Any Indian citizen can renounce his/her citizenship by making a declaration in the Form XXII specified in Rule 23 of The Citizenship Rules, 2009. The application Form must be filled only on the online portal of MHA https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in.

Detailed instructions, step-by step procedure, and FAQ  are given at the website to facilitate filling the application.

Required documents are also listed at the website.

The prescribed Fee of Rs. 1,000/- towards witnessing the signing of the application or declaration mentioned in rule 38 of these rules, administering the oath of allegiance and for registration of declaration of intention to Renunciation of citizenship Rs. 7,000/- also to be paid online. If applicant is unable to pay the prescribed fee online, the payment can be made to the embassy.

In Form XXII, a witness needs to vouch for the correctness of the details of the Applicant. It is mentioned on the form where the witness will vouch. [The Spouse of the applicant will not be considered as a witness. Every applicant (including minors) must fill separate application and pay separate fee including minors. Every application is considered as separate application and should include all the above-mentioned documents. Any application without complete documents will not be accepted.]

In case a child who cannot sign or write his/her name, parents can sign on their behalf or they can put their thumb impression. (Left Thumb for male and right thumb for female minor applicant)

Processing time: It will take almost 2 to 3 months for issuance of Renunciation Certificate if all the documents are found to be correct.