About Us How To Apply For A Visa

Unless you are eligible for ae-Tvyou must apply to the Embassy for a visa before your travel to India. Please read the checklist for information on the required documents to submit with your application.

To apply for a visa, applicants are required to complete the online application form:https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/

Please note:Best viewed in Chrome/IE 8.0 and above, not advised to use MAC or Apple.

After applying online, the applicant is requested to submit in person the printout of the online filled application form along with two passport photographs (size 22 inches) and all required documentation to the Embassy for issue of Visa between09:00 12:00

1. Timings

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2. Status Inquiry

No telephonic/fax/e-mail queries regarding receipt or status of applications will be entertained before the time limit indicated for processing the application. Processing time of applications is calculated from the date of delivery of completed applications and correct payment only.

The status enquiries will only be entertained after the given processing time. Only the completed applications will be accepted for processing. Incomplete applications will be returned.

3. Emergencies

Emergencies by definition refer to unexpected urgent situation. Emergency applications must be supported by documentary evidence.
Holidays, business trips, confirmed bookings made before obtaining visa do not qualify as emergencies and will not be treated as such.

4. Processing Time

Most of the applications are processed within 5 working days however; it may take longer in certain cases. The Processing time indicated is subject to completion of all formalities.

There is no time limit to issue visa of Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China & Afghanistan National. Please do not make firm booking prior to obtaining visa.

All applicants are advised to make their firm bookings/travel plans only after issue of visas as confirmed bookings will not be accepted as a ground for expediting visas.