About Us How To Apply For A Visa

Unless eligible for an e-Visa you must apply for a Visa at the Embassy of India, Reykjavik before your travel to India. 

Check here for e-Visa eligibility , procedure and documentation.

To apply for a Visa at the Embassy, applicants are required to complete an online application form

The applicant must thereafter submit in person a printout of the application form that has been completed online along with two passport photographs (size 2.2 inches) with the required documentation between 0900 and 1200 hrs on working days

2. Status Inquiry

No telephonic/fax/e-mail query regarding status of the visa application can be entertained before the indicated time-limit for application processing is completed. Applications with part/ pending documentation will be considered incomplete and are liable for rejection.

3. Emergencies

Visa applications underlined by an ‘Emergency’ must be substantiated with documentary evidence of the exigency. Holidays, business trips or confirmed bookings made before obtaining visa do not qualify as emergencies.

4. Processing Time

Most applications are processed within 5 working days; it may take longer during the vacation period or in specific cases. The processing period is reckoned from the date the completed application with documentation is turned in at the Embassy with  the required fee. Applicants are accordingly advised to apply well in advance.

The prescribed time limits do not apply to visas applied for by non-Icelandic nationals even if they are resident in Iceland. 

All applicants are advised to confirm bookings only after issue of visas.