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Photograph / Signature requirement for Passports

  • Applicants are required to submit two recent, passport size (2-inch x 2-inch) colour photographs with plain white or off-white background colour along with their applications. One of the photographs should be pasted within the photo box of the application only. The other photo should be kept in an envelope and submitted along with the application form.
  • Kindly ensure that face is photographed from a full-frontal position and the height of the face must meet the prescribed specifications. The eyes must be open, level and visible within the indicated area. The face should be centred within the frame.
  • The quality of the photograph appearing on the passport depends on the photograph that is submitted at the time of applying for a passport. The passport seekers are, therefore, advised not to use scanned photographs.
  • The photo print should be clear and with a continuous-tone quality.
  • The photo should present the entire head, from top of the hair to bottom of the chin.
  • Head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons, but the facial features from the bottom of the chin to top of the forehead as well as both edges of the face must be clearly shown.
  • The expression on the face should look natural.
  • Photos for children: It must be ensured that the hands and waist of the child should not appear in the photo. Only the face and the tip of the shoulder should appear in the photos as per the specifications given above.
  • In case of minor applicants, Signature/Thumb impression box should contain the minor’s signature or thumb impression. Minor’s parents should not put their signature or thumb impression in this box.
  • Use only a blue/black ballpoint pen for signature.
  • In case of thumb impressions on the application forms, use right-hand thumb impression for female applicants, left-hand thumb impressions for male applicants.